Young Urban Sisters is a program designed to aid, inspire and empower women ages 12 -17 through mentorship, and acceptance by addressing the following issues:

Community Violence/Gangs
Domestic Violence
Substance Abuse
Sexual Awareness
Emotional Intelligence
Effective Communication

By engaging the individuals as a whole and guiding them in the five areas of wellness which include:

Relationship Building Skills
Physical Health

Community: We believe it take an entire community to raise a child, thus we commit to enhance the safety net in raising the next generation by teaching our youth community development through:
Family • Culture • Education

Character: We honor personal integrity, therefore we emphasize character development which is the main component to ignite community development.
Some personal characteristics we seek to help develop and/or enhance in our youth include:

Gratitude • Compassion Strong Mind • Serving Spirit

Case Management: Y.U.S engages participants on a one-on-one basis by visiting them in the comfort of their home to:

Model Healthy Relationships
Evaluate Life Skills Progress
Continued Mentoring