We’ve launched our in-house screen printing program as a means to educate and inspire individuals with a creative trade that is commonplace in today’s workforce. Individuals learn the concepts and techniques in creating and preparing print-ready artwork necessary in bringing a clients custom apparel needs to life. We teach a variety of key components from prepping the project artwork, creating screens for the artwork to be used during the printing process, press setup and critical alignment, to the physical techniques in creating the perfect apparel print time and time again.


Individuals will learn various computer software and hardware components used in the screen printing process. This includes working with digital image editing software, project management tools, and hardware such as printers and screen printing presses.


The major key in this program is after fortifying the necessary skills we are able to provide opportunities for job placement within this trade. We feel the best path for our youth is a long term relationship where we can mutually grow as a family. Being able to bring on new hirees help fortify our program and provide our youth with financial stability and professional growth.


We offer clients the opportunity to simultaneously support our youth programming as well as tap into a reliable source for their custom apparel needs. Every order placed through our online shop or custom screen printing services helps keep our youth services free of charge to all those that take part in our programs.