Higher Ground Refuge was founded to act as a service provider and resource bank to assess and address risks that impede the positive social growth of our local youth. We aim to develop a strong core portal to tackle the issues that hinder our youth from living a safe and promising life. We believe the most impactful way to accomplish this is by developing collaborative partnerships between Higher Ground Refuge and local agencies and services providers, school districts, and the youth and their families themselves. Being able to identify an individual’s needs, our case management team can build a long term plan of action utilizing our partnerships that span across various social, educational, legal and economic resources. Based on our studies on the risk factors facing our local youth, we believe that facilitating long term support is of the most importance, especially when grooming our youth into leadership roles within the community to help further spread awareness and positive social change.

Higher Ground Refuge, Inc. isĀ an independent organization and incorporated under the Illinois Not-For-Profit Corporation Act and tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Case Management

Our youth are partnered with our team of well versed case managers who evaluate and build a plan of action tailored to each individuals specific needs. Our network of resources specialize in reclamation of gang involved or at risk youth, those at risk of or who have dropped out of school, or truant and delinquent individuals.


We walk hand in hand with your youth to help restore personal and professional relationships, strengthen and achieve educational aspirations, and ensure a strong career and workforce presence.


A long lasting relationship is the most important aspect for us to ensure long term success for our youth. We strive to be the cornerstone for each of our youth to help them take each step to refine themselves through their path.